Terms and Conditions.

1. I have the full rights to the video content I have requested Video Generation to convert and copy to DVD.
2. the video content does not violate copyright or any obscenity law or other applicable law, rule or regulation in any jurisdiction in which the Content may be viewed or retrieved,
3. the processing of my video content on my behalf is not for any illegal, obscene, offensive, or immoral purpose.


By submitting material to Video Generation for processing services as described, customers agrees to pay any standard charges therefore. Customer agrees that the liability of Video Generation, its agents and employees, for any losses or damages of any kind or nature to the customer's film or tape, or other material, is limited to the cost of replacing such tape with blank tape. Customer also agrees that Video Generation, its agents and employees, shall not be otherwise liable to the customer for any loss or damage of any kind or nature, whether direct, incidental, consequential, or otherwise. Customer declares that all materials submitted to Video Generation for transfer or other reproduction, are not in violation of any copyright laws. Customer will indemnify and hold Video Generation harmless in respect to any claim of violation of such laws. The materials submitted were either created by customer or customer has the permission of the copyright owner to duplicate them.

If you have any questions, please call us in Australia at 0412042976 , Monday-Friday from 9AM to 5PM EST or by email at support@videogeneration.com.au.